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More about the Tarot Project

At one of those meetings, members saw the Major Arcana of nine different decks of Tarot cards, illustrating the different and varied ways in which the artists had expressed the meaning of each card.

By the end of that get-together, the Tarot project was born and 22 members each agreed to create their version of one of those cards.

Initially there was a draw of titles, but swapping and/or changing was allowed, so that artists were comfortable with their theme and excited to do the research.

Canvasses were bought in bulk, deadlines set, but apart from the fact that each canvas had to be presented portrait orientation, it was left to each individual to use whatever style and medium they wished.

SASI is proud to present the result in this unique section of the Somerset Bendigo Bank Art Award by their members.

Photography for the cards: Wayne Gillis

Graphic Artist: Ros Rowett

Printing:  Academy Printing

Concept: Hetty van Boven

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