SASI Photography Group

The SASI Photographic group share a passion for photography. The aim of the group is to appreciate and encourage each others work and to understand more about the photographic process, our individual photographic visions and the technical aspects of creating an image.


It doesn’t matter whether a photograph is taken with an SLR, a DLSR, a pin hole camera, a large format camera or a phone, or whether a person creates colour prints, black and white prints or digital images. What does matter is that we learn to take better photographs and have a fun time doing it!

Suggestions for outings/talks are always encouraged and details of activities will be announced in the SASI Newsletters.

If you would like to know more about the SASI Photo Group, or to offer suggestions for topics and outings, please email Phil Lister.

Allyson Kirton-5
Allyson Kirton-3
Allyson Kirton-2
Allyson Kirton 4
Allyson Kirton - 1
Phil Lister-Linville Railway
Ron Orr - Wave Rock WA
Linda Taylor - Somerset Dam Trip
Jan Godfrey- Gwalia Kitchen
Jan Godfrey - The Photographer
Jan Godfrey - Days End
Jan Godfrey - Red Hill
Jan Godfrey - Dawn Salt Lake
Jan Godfrey - Circling Wagons Simpson Desert
Jan Godfrey - Canning Colour