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SASI Photography Group

Allyson Kirton-5
Allyson Kirton-3
Allyson Kirton-2
Allyson Kirton 4
Allyson Kirton - 1
Phil Lister-Linville Railway
Ron Orr - Wave Rock WA
Linda Taylor - Somerset Dam Trip
Jan Godfrey- Gwalia Kitchen
Jan Godfrey - The Photographer
Jan Godfrey - Days End
Jan Godfrey - Red Hill
Jan Godfrey - Dawn Salt Lake
Jan Godfrey - Circling Wagons Simpson Desert
Jan Godfrey - Canning Colour

The Photography Group meet on the third Thursday of each month (except
December) at 9:30am at Angie's Country Café, 85 Ipswich St, Esk QLD 4312, opposite the Esk Information Centre.

The aim of the group is to get together and learn more about the photographic process, talk about what we like to photograph and some of the technical aspects of creating an image regardless of what is used to take a photograph.
Absolute beginners to more advanced members are very welcome.


Suggestions and planning for outings/talks are always encouraged and details
of activities will be announced in the SASI Newsletters.
If you are interested in joining the SASI Photo Group please email Phil Lister .

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