The Glen Rock Gallery exhibits works by Somerset artists in solo and group exhibitions.
Glen Rock Gallery
Located at Esk Visitor Centre - 82 Ipswich Street, Esk, QLD 4312
 Mon-Fri 9-5      Weekends: 9-2       
Closed Easter Friday, Christmas Day and New Years Day
Glen Rock Gallery in May 2021
 Somerset Art Society Inc is excited to present
 Wayne Gillis, Neil Degney, Neil Griffith & Trevor Netting

'Why Landscape'

view the full exhibition at Glen Rock Gallery 

 opens Fri 7 May - Wed 2 June 2021

please enjoy this selection of each of the exhibiting photographer's work 

The poetry of pictures; statements from the photographers


Photography connects and is a conduit to exploring the world around us.

There is a ‘Calling’ that I experience when out with camera to observe, experience and understand.

In my ‘Aspect Ratio’ mini series I am exploring one facet of the natural world

where patterns or characteristics are common across vast differences in scale.
There are three sets of two images, each of those two images share common patterns or characteristics.

Leaves:Forest          Rocks:Mountains          Sand:Hills

Aside from the noted scale difference in the natural environment, another ratio is observed…
The Photographer:The Landscape.

Now in the Gallery another ratio becomes apparent…
The Viewer:The Print.

The final ratio has now become full circle but is perceptual…
The Viewer:The Landscape

SandHills1 (1).jpg

Sand Hills by Wayne Gillis


Rock Mountain 1 by Wayne Gillis


Why Landscape

I have taken photographs for most of my life and I enjoy photographing everything this world has to offer.

The images I have chosen to exhibit here have been taken in some of my favourite locations.

Locations that call me back time and time again.

There is always something new, each visit reveals new intrigues that were overlooked before. 


The six images are individual interpretations of the landscape however they also work as two triptychs.

One for dark and the other light, the very elemental core of photography, 


Neil Degney currently lives in Brisbane he has over 30 years of experience working in image making both as a photographer and visual artist. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in a range of mediums during that time. 

the red weed.jpg

The Red Weed by Neil Degney

forest path.sml..jpg

Forest Path by Neil Degney



These images were shot in South West Tasmania and Morocco,

using either a modified digital camera to capture the infrared spectrum or a standard digital camera.  


The more I shoot, the more I defer to monochrome.

I’m drawn to graphic shapes and the ever changing way light reflects off the surface of the Earth.

These cameras usually reveal the familiar in unexpected ways.


My work is informed by years of processing and printing monochrome film as well as formal studies of art and photography.

I’m inspired by many photographers including Josef Sudek and Olive Cotton.


When I’m not shooting fine art monochromes, I like to swim in the ocean shooting surfing action using an underwater housing to protect my gear.


My images have appeared in a number of national and international publications, including:

Inside Sport, Pacific Longboarder, Tracks and The Koori Mail.


Instagram @brinetimes


Dual Moon by Neil Griffith


Mount Rugby #3 by Neil Griffith



“Are you leaving a better place …..”

The concept of ‘biophilia’ is defined as:

the human desire to be near nature.


A persistent contemporary issue relates to

humanity’s fragile relationship with nature.


In this series of photographs involving both sea water and fresh water I hope to express this desire/ need for intimacy

and invoke questioning/ conversation around the themes of balance, respect and sense of urgency within our most fundamental relationship.


Immersion by Trevor Netting

Atkinson Dam - 4.7%.jpg

Atkinson Dam by Trevor Netting