The Glen Rock Gallery exhibits works by Somerset artists in solo and group exhibitions.
Glen Rock Gallery
Located at Esk Visitor Centre - 82 Ipswich Street, Esk, QLD 4312
 Mon-Fri 9-5      Weekends: 9-2       
Closed Easter Friday, Christmas Day and New Years Day
Glen Rock Gallery in October 2021
 Somerset Art Society Inc is welcomes 
Linda Maine & Joanne & Amanda Hegney
'Eclectic Visions'

Esk Visitors Information Centre

82 Ipswich Street, Esk, QLD 4312 

open Fri 8 October to Wed 3 November 2021


Moving to Esk and finding the

local Mt Beppo group allowed Joanne

to continue to enjoy art with a supportive

and welcoming group. Joanne loves

to learn about art, the ongoing

challenges with differing media,

products and styles.


Amanda is the youngest of this family group. She has had her art

recognised and approved to compete in ‘Gorman’ clothing.

She doesn’t believe the she is an artist as she cannot draw

a stick figure, but she can throw paint. Ink art and paint pouring

are great for stress relief and if you are lucky you end up with a

pretty good picture! Amanda uses canvas for her pours, ink boards

and aluminium boards for her ink art.


P.s. She can crochet.


Animals, birds and plants are prominent in her art, she hope viewers relate and connect with the images and appreciate our wonderful albeit vulnerable planet and the life we share on it.

Linda enjoys using a variety of media including graphite, ink, coloured pencils, watercolour, acrylic and water-soluble oil paints. Linda has gained skills and experience through a love of learning, continually working to improve and learning from others. She now enjoys sharing her skills with an art group based in Marburg.

Linda has displayed in local shows, as well as

part of a tandem exhibition. Currently, she finds displaying her art on cards, allows a wider range of people to enjoy them.