The Glen Rock Gallery exhibits works by local artists in solo and group exhibitions.
Glen Rock Gallery
Located at Esk Visitor Centre - 82 Ipswich Street, Esk, QLD 4312
 Mon-Fri 9-5      Weekends: 9-2       Closed on Public Holidays
Somerset Art Society Inc presents 
Joy Holt & Liz Kusay
5 March 2020 - 1 April 2020

Words from Joy Holt

I tend to be captivated and love soaking up the atmosphere of my surrounds as inspiration for subject matter.


As a result, my artwork for this exhibition is drawn from experiences and sights of my recent trip to Europe.


For you as the viewer, I hope that my paintings give you somewhere for the soul to rest…even if it is for a moment in time. Enjoy!

Words from Liz Kusay

In this exhibition, for your enjoyment, Liz’s subject matter, techniques and inclusions are varied.

Included are encaustic paintings, watercolour painting, wire, shellac burns, pastel, graphite, oil bar, butterfly wings, both gold leaf and silver foil.

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On display in the cabinets
Excuisite wood  carvings by Stephanie Mann
Beautiful jewelry by Susan Wellingham

Camilla, Majella and baby Eden