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2D artworks will be installed at the Somerset Bendigo Bank Art Awards 2021from the wire with a 1 or 2 point system depending on the size of the artwork.



D-rings are used by professional artists and framers. They can be purchased from art supply shops and framers.


  • They comprise a ring - in the shape of a letter D and a plate with a screw hole.

  • D rings are always used in pairs - screwed into the back of the frame, one on each side. 

  • They can have one screw hole or two. One hole is suitable for lighter works. As the weight increases use a D ring with two screws for greater security.

  • Much stronger than screw eyes.

  • Enable the hanging wire or cord or chain to be threaded easily. 

  • Hardware which lie flat. If taped over, they won't damage other frames when pictures are stored in stacks.

  • D-rings are better than the triangle versions when artworks are to be hung from the D-rings as the artworks will sit better.

  • The D-rings are normally positioned 1/3 from the top of the artwork on each side. Measure the height of the artwork and divide by 3 to determine the position eg. for an artwork that is 30cm high you would position the D-rings 10cm down from the top on each side of the frame.


Picture Wire or Cord

For the Somerset Bendigo Bank Art Awards 2019 you can use coated picture wire or cord.

  • Plastic coated picture wire is used by professional artist and framers.

  • Coated picture wire can be purchased from art supply shops and framers.

  • Plastic coated picture wire is easier on the fingers than bare wire. Whether your're tying it onto the D-rings or carrying the artwork by the wire or installing it. Wrap the ends of the wire tightly so sharps pieces don't injure installation staff.

  • Whether you use coated picture wire or cord please make sure the wire or cord is not too slack. You don't want the wire or cord to stretch beyond the top of the artwork. 



  • use glue to attach D-rings.

  • staple wire or cord to your artworks.

  • leave sharp pieces of wire sticking out.

Please watch the following video to learn how to attach D-rings to your artwork and how to tie the coated picture wire.

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