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Exhibitions, Festivals and Events in and around Somerset.

To include your happening please Email details to

Open for viewing until Sunday 14 March 2021.

The Condensery- Somerset Regional Art Gallery “Through the Glass” by Entwined Threads Art Group.

Friday 5 March to Wednesday 31 March

Glen Rock Gallery presents Artists of Crows Nest

Saturday 13 March

Toogoolawah Market Stall Contact: Sue Howard


19 March - 16 May The Condensery - Somerset Regional Art Gallery 

Somerset Country - Canvas and Cloth  Jodie Wade & Noella Lowien

Friday 14th May

Hampton Art Drop off - Contact: Sue Howard

Saturday 15&16 May

Hampton Festival

Saturday 21&22May Esk Show


Saturday 29 May from 12 - 4pm

Art Beat Festival at The Condensary- Somerset Regional Art Gallery -




SASI Stall Contact: Sue Howard

Friday 4 June

Toogoolawah Show


Saturday 19 June

Esk Garden Fair, SASI Stall Contact: Sue Howard


Sunday 4 July

Brisbane Air Show Watts Bridge SASI Stall Contact: Sue Howard

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