Glen Rock Gallery Online presents the 

Fernvale Artists Group Exhibition 

4 June to 1 July 2020

Fernvale Artists meet to paint every Thursday morning in the

Fernvale Community Hall, Banks Creek Road, Fernvale. 

Visitors and new members are always welcome.


I paint people’s memories, such as Warrill View farm, the old Queenslander, the dam empty in the drought.  And I love to paint our everyday world – the river, the lettuce crop, to show people that beauty doesn’t have to be magnificent, it is all around us. 

These exquisite oil paintings, by Sue White, are displayed for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, none are for sale.

Sue White

Karen Leahy

Karen Leahy

I have spent my life working with animals, pets and wildlife.

I love doing portraits of people, furbabies and wildlife, using pencil, pastel, acrylic, watercolour or silver and goldpoint, whichever captures the mood and character of my subject.

So many animals are facing an ever shrinking environment and possible extinction.  We should be doing everything we can to keep our wonderful wildlife. 

I hope to show the majesty and dignity in the animals I paint, no matter how rare or common they are.  The connection I feel when I paint a portrait of a person or animal I hope shows through my work so others can experience this too.  


My paintings are either landscapes or seascapes which capture my imagination and to which I have some emotional attachment.  I try to capture the essence of the subject through light and shadow.  My love is the Australian outback with its strong colours.  

Jan Stolberg

Ilsa Boysen


I like to paint many different subjects, things that have emotional meaning to my life.  I like good strong colours and different mediums.

Sandy Wright

Sandy Wright

I like bright colours, and I like a painting that you can be drawn into.  I get so absorbed in a painting that time flies.  It’s the best way to de-stress and relax.  

Joy Barnes

I love to paint flowers and birds and landscapes.  I like to paint reality, and to show texture, such as feathers.  And I like mixed media, and a bit of bling!

Joy Barnes

Garry Mudge

 I like to paint things I know, mainly wildlife, especially birds for their colours and reptiles for their incredible detail, but I don't get a lot of time to do it.



Garry Mudge

Ron Orr

 My journey in art  began with a small group  of artists at Forest Hill in 1996. In 2003 I obtained a Diploma in Visual Arts at Bremer TAFE at Ipswich .Since then I have participated in numerous exhibitions and competed in many local shows in Somerset, Lockyer and Ipswich regions with a degree of success.

Ron Orr

About Glen Rock Gallery Online

Somerset Art Society volunteers, curate the art exhibitions held at the Glen Rock Gallery in Esk, Queensland, Australia.

With the advent of Covid 19 gathering restrictions, the Glen Rock Gallery was closed.

To continue our objective, of Supporting Arts and Artists in the Somerset Region SE QLD Au, the Somerset Art Society opened the Glen Rock Gallery Online. Here we exhibit the works of Regional Artists and groups with booked exhibitions.

We hope you have enjoyed this offering by the Fernvale Artists .

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Artwork Photographers:          Sue White,            Ron Orr,          Marilym Leitch ,          Seff Mudge,            Michael Hetherington

Web Page:                  Nelle Smith


The Glen Rock Gallery in Esk will reopen with an exciting exhibition by Marilyn Leitch

on 13th July 2020 until 5 August 2020.

The Glen Rock Gallery will be operating Monday to Sunday  (excluding public holidays) and will welcome a Covid Safe limit to people in the gallery space at any one time. Stay safe and plan an outing!


A selection of works from Marilyn's Exhibition will be uploaded to this website.